Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Road Trip, Part Two

So... On Wednesday, July 13, we headed south out of Boise, through Salt Lake City to Beaver, Utah; Dementia drove the entire way, and everything went smoothly. On Thursday, we continued south. We stopped for gas in St. George, Utah, and got sort of swindled into buying new rear shocks and new tires that we at least sort of needed. Kind of. Maybe. Hundred degree heat makes my brain run out my ears. Anyway, we went from St. George to Las Vegas, left the interstate and drove down the strip, but couldn't find a reason to stop. We DID stop in Boulder City to check out display of REALLY cool metal sculpture. We kept rolling down the road and managed to find and photograph the semi-legendary Nothing, Arizona, which is a ghost town that used to be a gas station. We finally pulled into the Trollcon hotel in Mesa to find they had up graded us to a suite for no good reason. GREAT room, nice hotel, unlimited bacon in the breakfast buffet, but lousy internet service. Dementia was NOT happy.

Once the car was unloaded, I made my first connection with Trollcon, which was Rick Loomis's poker game. I bought Ken St. Andre's chips as he was leaving for the night, and cashed out ninety minutes later with 50% more than I had started with. I slept in on Friday morning, and then came in a bit late for a Ken St. Andre-run Tunnels & Trolls game, which ran until late. Everyone was surprised that all of the player characters were still standing after all of the bad guys were dead. On Saturday I had a choice between another T&T session, and hanging around with Ken and hearing stories; I chose the conversation. That segued into a four way game of Magic the Gathering, in which I used my 17 year old black/white deck (that has not been used for 15 years) against three modern decks. I won by virtue of keeping my head down until the others had killed each other, and then stomping the survivor. After that, I got into another T&T game under the legendary Bear Peters. We adjourned at midnight, re-convened at noon, and finished up at about three. And then we were off to Tombstone.

We were checked into our hotel in Tombstone by a charming pixie named Ashlinn, who was on her second solo night at the front desk. On Monday morning we did the tour of Boot Hill, then did a fast recon of Tombstone proper, then were off down the road to Roswell. In the morning, we hit a number of the Roswell tourist traps, including the UFO museum, and started the long (two and a half day) drive home.

Photographs will turn up here eventually...

Uncle Hyena
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