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Walking, GenCon

On August 2, I walked to Gurnee Mills, about seven miles. The temperature and humidity were both over 90. The most common reaction I get to this is, "Why?" I don't have a good answer. I didn't push, given the weather; my speed was only about 2.5 mph. This amounts to nearly three hours on my feet in 90 degree heat and 90 per cent humidity with no breaks. By the time I got to the Pizza Hut at Gurnee Mills, the world was beginning to fray around the edges a bit, and I was VERY grateful to be able to sit in air conditioning and eat a small meal and drink a LOT of cold lemonade. Crossing over I94 on Grand Avenue was intense; six lanes of 45 mph traffic off of my left shoulder, and eight lanes of 65 mph traffic 30 feet below my feet: amazing noise, amazing heat, amazingly foul air. After I got out of Pizza Hut, I watched a movie ("Cowboys and Aliens", again), and then called Dementia for an evac. There was a cloudburst right around the time the movie let out, which made things a bit interesting.

On August 3, I made the relatively routine trek to Burger King and back, about 2.5 miles each way. I ran out of gas in a serious way on the way home, and shambled the last mile and a half at well under 2 mph. Residual fatigue from the previous day, I imagine.

On Saturday, August 6, I got off work at noon, went home, vegged out briefly, then packed and dragged Dementia down to Indianapolis for GenCon. We barely managed to get to the convention center in time to buy our badges for Sunday before they closed registration for the night; I had to stand in line behind about 20 people while Dementia circled the block. Still, it was quite an improvement over the 90 minutes we stood in line on Sunday morning the previous year. Our main reason for going, the promised physical version of my gnoll book, did not materialize. I did manage to make contact with Skirmisher CEO Mike Varhola (as well as perennial Skirmisher booth babe Emily), as well as Head Buffalo Rick Loomis (officially the longest running continuous vendor at GenCon), Trollgod Ken St. Andre, and Trollhalla denizens Corencio, Kopfy, Peryton, and Sligo. After the con, we went for a short swim, and then met Deb Doty and partner Jennie for dinner. It has been nearly three years since I have seen Deb and Jen; Dementia had not seen Deb since 1995, and had never met Jen. It was a good visit, though a few of my rampant depression buttons were pushed and the meeting ended on a down note.

We are WAY behind on movies, but I am not sure I care much. I think that is a bad sign...

Uncle Hyena
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