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On Sunday, I did a half shift (midnight not 6:00 AM), then walked home, seven and two thirds miles worth. THEN we saw two movies. On Monday I went to Gurnee Mills and walked two laps of the mall, then I saw another movie, and on Tuesday we finally saw the new movie that had been on the top of our list for Sunday.


"Fright Night" is a pretty decent horror movie with a sense of humor and a great cast. Unfortunately, it is a remake of one of the best horror movies ever made, and suffers significantly by comparison.

"One Day" is a romance that distinguishes itself by its framing. That is, it takes the audience through a relationship from 1988 to the present by showing us what the principals are up to on the 15th of July of each year (which seems to be a 72 hour window). It's pleasantly bittersweet.

"Final Destination 5" is exactly what it purports to be, splatter porn with a humorous twist. Same plot, different dismemberments, interchangeable unknown cast.

"Conan the Barbarian" is a pretty good sword and sorcery movie that completely wastes its licensing money. You are paying for the Conan name, why not tell a Conan story? Many of Howard's original stories are of nearly perfect length, and better than the whole cloth that ended up on the screen. For that matter, why waste our time with an orgin story? This isn't a bad movie, but it isn't Conan, and there is no reason other than stupidity why it isn't.

So... Sunday I walked home, just because I felt like it. I didn't take the most direct route, partially because I wanted to avoid traffic and, failing that, have sidewalks to walk on, but mostly because I wanted to stop at IHOP for breakfast. I managed to hold a 20 minute mile pace for the whole walk, which is pretty good for me at this point. And the weather was pretty much perfect.

A map of the route, for anyone who cares:


Uncle Hyena
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