Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Shark, Apollo, Walking

Two odd movies, and not much else.

"Shark Night 3D" was marketed as a T&A gorefest. Except... It's rated PG-13. How can you have a T&A gorefest with no nudity and no significant violence? You can't. The movie contains a fair amount of implied nudity and a lot of red-tinged water, and a lot of stupidity. It turns out that Katherine McPhee is able to hit her marks and sell her lines competently, in addition to looking good in a bikini. Not too shabby for a singer...

"Apollo 18" is a first contact gone wrong story, told in camera-as-character style. It is pretty good, for what it is, though the illusion that the film is cut from recently declassified footage from 1974 is hurt by the fact that all three main actors are recognizable (two of them have current TV series).

My plans to get five Cooper points every day in September have already failed. I am going to keep chugging, but I am not going to knock myself out over it. I am ALWAYS moderately ill in September, and the combination of brutalized feet, lack of sleep, and the usual Autumnal Malaise was just too much on Friday.

Uncle Hyena
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