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Debt, Warrior, Creature, Drive, Bridge

Movies, a class, a concert, and not much else.

"The Debt" is a thriller with something to say, I think. I just don't know what that something was. The film has good performances, good dialog, and a decent plot, but it suffers from a self-important ambiguity that tarnishes the overall effect.

"Warrior" is a come-from-behind sports drama with a LOT of heavy character work underneath. It is flawed by the fact that one of the main characters behaves in a bizarre fashion that is not explained until AFTER you have decided that either the actor or the director is incompetent. So it turns out the the director is only moderately inept.

"Creature" is yet another T&A gorefest, and one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen. It works fairly well until the midpoint, but when the time comes to start revealing the significance of all of the minor bizarre clues that have been scattered through the movie, the script just ramps up the bizarre. There is no pay off, and nothing really makes any sense. On the other hand, there is plenty of T&A, and plenty of gore. (This makes two movies in two weeks that have made "Piranha 3D look GOOD. That IS scary.)

"Drive" is a caper movie with lots of character work. It begins REALLY strongly, with an odd but effective juxtaposition of sleepy calm and explosive chase scenes. Unfortunately, that same oddly mixed tone is continued through the entire film, and after the first fifteen minutes or so this becomes more irritating than affecting.

On Saturday evening, after I worked 12 hours, and we saw a movie, we drove the hundred miles up to Watertown, WI, to see a Water Street Bridge concert. We got thoroughly bollixed by badly marked construction detours going through Milwaukee, and missed the first set completely, but had a good time anyway. This is the first time I have been to a "Bridge" concert when I didn't know anyone in the audience; it felt kind of odd.

On Monday and Tuesday I took a company sponsored MS Access class, which was fun, at least until I had a brain lock and associated mild panic attack late on Tuesday afternoon. I haven't had one of those is several years, and they are ALWAYS frustrating and horrible. I know that all I have to do is get a change of scenery and do something completely different, but that isn't a option in the middle of a class...

Uncle Hyena
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