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Moneyball, Abduction, Elite, King, Number, Dolphin, 50/50, Patriarch

Once again, I am a week behind. But I saw seven movies in eight days, and managed to get a trip down to my father's place in there...

"Moneyball" is a peculiar movie. It tries to make what is ultimately a study of statistics into an interesting story, and succeeds by focusing on the people involved.Of course, having Brad Pitt in the middle of things doesn't hurt. Once again, I love baseball movies; I have little or no use for the game when it is being played.

"Abduction" is yet another attempt to answer the question, Can Taylor Lautner act? The answer is, Probably not. His co-star, Lily
Collins, on the other hand, stole every scene they gave her, and would seem to have a bright future in front of her. Otherwise, this is a pretty routine fish-out-of-water espionage tale. It is worth noting that there is NO abduction of any kind in the movie.

"Killer Elite" is NOT a remake or reworking of 1975's "The Killer Elite", even though both of them deal with professional assassins. It seems that in the early 80s, several current and former SAS troops died under mysterious circumstances. In 1991, Ranulph Fiennes wrote a novel which presented these deaths as professional hits, and went into detail about the vigilante organization, the Feather Men, who hunted down the assassins and their employer. This movie adapts that story sideways, by focusing on one of the assassins (Jason Statham), with Clive Owen as the point man for the vigilantes. It really should be an unwatchable mess, but it is actually quite well done.

"The Lion King" is out there again, and I haven't seen it since its original release, and I had some time to kill. I know that this is one of Disney's biggest money makers, and that many people love it to death, but... The opening sequence is awesome, but the movie as a whole is just kind of flat. There are many Disney animated movies that I will watch repeatedly with no complaint, but this isn't one of them.

"What's Your Number?" is surprisingly good. The premise is idiotic, but the cast and characters are good, and the vulgarity is well balanced by honest (if demented) emotion.

"Dolphin Tale" promises to be a heart-warming tear-jerker, and delivers. We enjoyed it a great deal. There is a short filler sequence involving a radio controlled helicopter that is beyond idiotic, and should have been cut.

"50/50" is marketed as a comedy, and it isn't. It is a rather lame soap opera with a few very funny moments. Many of the scenes would make REALLY funny stories, if told at a party, but are simply unpleasant when one experiences them along with the hapless protagonist.

On September 27 we made the pilgrimage down to Palos to visit my father, who told us of his abortive attempt to get a power chair (which everyone who knows him thinks he doesn't need, and shouldn't have), and of his efforts to get his older sister to stop doing silly things like riding a bicycle. The quietly tragic irony of this juxtaposition is not lost on me.

Uncle Hyena
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