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Jack, Year, Tree, Hip

I knew I had forgotten something.

In the middle of the movies listed in my last post, I had gone on Thursday night to see a special presentation of "Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story". It was lackluster, and had nothing new to add. The solution to the puzzle that they offer is both boring and improbable, which is a difficult path to find when dealing with Saucy Jack.

On Tuesday, after I had done my lumbering (see below), I went to the movies, and somewhat reluctantly chose to take a chance on "The Big Year", which is fraudulently marketed as a broad comedy. I was very glad I did. "The Big Year" is NOT a broad comedy; it is an examination of passion, obsession, and life balance masquerading as a comedy. Jack Black is restrained, and Steve Martin is positively stately. The topic is a quixotic attempt to see as many species of bird in North America as one can in North America. It is all done on the honor system, and the only reward is bragging rights, and the whole thing is kind of wonderful.

There is a tree that sprouted near the front corner of our garage shortly after we moved in. Being me, I ignored it for a couple of years, and then hacked away everything that wasn't tangled up in the fence. Then I ignored it for a few more years, and attacked it again, more neglect, the neighbors attacked it, more neglect, and then this week I chopped it back into near oblivion. This resulted in a few hundred pounds of debris, at least some of which will eventually find its way into the fireplace. (And yes, Kameron, Sophie the Chainsaw did most of the heavy work.)

And then, just to have a record of it: My right hip went strange on Thursday or Friday of last week. I know it was fine on Wednesday, but by Saturday it had become painful to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. The pain seems most like a seriously overtaxed muscle, but I have no idea which muscle. As of today, the lead time before the pain starts has increased markedly, and I have hopes that the problem is clearing itself, but I want to have a record of when this incarnation of the problem surfaced.

Uncle Hyena
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