Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
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Tower, Rum, Kumar

Movies and work, and no one cares about my work...

"Tower Heist" is falsely marketed as a comedy, which is fine with me. It is really a pretty good caper movie with a cast of comedians and many funny moments. Eddie Murphy occasionally breaks into his tired old schtick, but he is the only member of the cast that does so, and it isn't enough to derail an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable movie.

"The Rum Diary" features Johnny Depp playing a drug-addled Hunter S. Thompson avatar, and Amber Heard being beautiful, self destructive, and enigmatic. What more could you want? Oh, yes, the movie also contains the line, "Your tongue is an accusatory giblet," which will still give Dementia the giggles a week later.

"A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas", in 2D, is a stoner comedy with a fair amount of heart. I LIKE stoner comedies (as long as they are not mean spirited, as was "Your Majesty"...), and I liked this one. Neil Patrick Harris is apparently questing for the extreme limit of self-deprecating humor.

And for the record: A quality hot dog cooked over an open fire is a thing of wonder. Really.

Uncle Hyena
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