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Hoover, Anonymous, Immortals, Martha, Lojo

Four movies and a concert, not necessarily in that order:

"J. Edgar" is an excellent and surprising biopic. Hoover was a paranoid, hypocritical, megalomaniacal blackmailer, and this film doesn't shirk from any of that, but at the same time it gives you enough insight into the forces that made Hoover what he was that you can't help but be sympathetic to him.

"Anonymous" is an interesting bit of mostly alternative history. It makes a case that the man who wrote Shakespeare's plays was really Eward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford. It is an entertaining and well executed film, but seems to be about as accurate historically as, say, Shakespeare's "Richard III", which is to say, barely.

"Immortals" is a whole cloth hodge-podge of epic fantasy that draws it characters, and not much else, from Greek myth. It is fun to watch, but I have this prejudice: If you are going to use well known characters to tell a whole cloth story, you should have a clearly defined reason for doing so. This film fails utterly in that regard.

"Martha Marcy May Marlene" is a strange and convoluted tale of a woman who breaks free physically from a Manson-esque cult, but can't escape the psychological baggage. I liked the film well enough, and there is no question that Elizabeth Olsen is brilliant as the central character, but the film is seriously marred by a stupidly ambiguous ending.

On Saturday, after working for 12 hours and seeing "J. Edgar", we made the pilgrimage up to Racine to see Lojo Russo at the Yardarm. This is the third time we have done this, and it is always a good time. We ran into Jon Baade (of Water Street Bridge) and family, and that made it even better. Nice to know that I can still swing a 28 hour day from time to time (but it was a near thing...)

Uncle Hyena
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