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Twilight, Holiday, Pain

Yes, we went out on Sunday and saw "Breaking Dawn, Part 1" on opening weekend. I'm not proud of it; I would have much preferred to see something obscure on Sunday, and catch the latest "Twilight" thing at a Tuesday matinee, but I was over-ruled. If you are not a Twilight worshiper, the price of a ticket gets you a pretty well constructed 90 minute story presented in a bloated two hour format. Kristen Stewart actually gets to do some real acting in the second half of the movie, which is nice change from the standing around looking nervous that she has been doing through the first three episodes.

On Sunday, among other things, we bought some shelving units to install in the newly cleared furnace room. On Monday I did some minor demolition in said furnace room, and cleared out some things that needed to go off site, and finally got rid of the monster air conditioner that has been lurking down there since we moved in in 1992. I had to roll the thing up the stairs, while Dementia mostly stood by to call emergency services if the thing slipped. On Tuesday I hauled the boxed shelving units (90 pounds each) down the stairs for installation (this amounted to about 60 ninety-pound negative curls with my left hand). Then I went south and had a really good visit with my father, and then later with brother Pete and his wife Sue. Somewhere in there my left shoulder decided to pay me back for my earlier idiocy...

Said shoulder is almost back to normal, now. On Tuesday night I couldn't lift it above about 45 degrees from rest. This growing old stuff just STINKS...

Uncle Hyena
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