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Paris, Neverland, Indy, Marbury, Kalamazoo, and Things Sundry

Much has gone on, and I am far behind.

Movies first:

"Midnight in Paris" is a Woody Allen fantasy in which a romantic and clueless writer finds a gateway into the past and gets to hobnob with Fitzgerald and Hemingway. The story is clever and fun, and Allen's script sneers at most of the "giants" along the way.

"Neverland" is the latest effort to set a 20th century neo-myth on its ear from SyFy and the same bunch of Australians who have given us "Tin Man" and "Alice". "Neverland" is the weakest of the three, but that is not saying much, since they are all strong. Weirdness: Anna Friel (whom I love) plays "Elizabeth Bonney", who is initially running around the Spanish Main in 1725. Poetic license notwithstanding, if you are going to use Anne Bonney as a character, why not call her ANNE?

So... On Tuesday the 6th I drove down to Indy to play T&T at the Arsenal, and came within a hair's breadth of a TPK. The rule holds: When another player initiates a long secret conversation with the game master, kill his character immediately and save yourself the trouble of getting betrayed on HIS time schedule.

On Wednesday, I drove from Richmond, IN, to La Plata, MD, a distance of about 560 miles. The first half of the trip was painless, but once I was solidly into the mountains, I had to deal with falling snow for 100 miles, about three hours worth of white knuckle driving, followed by another three hours of driving winding, unlighted roads in the rain. I was pretty wired by the time I was done for the night.

Spent the next three days hanging around with the Reverend Bob and his family, which is always fun and a bit surreal. As an example, Bob's son Clark actually managed to develop a case of trench foot while I was there, to the significant consternation of his doctor. I also managed to catch the monthly game night, and played a fascinating economic game called "Container" (in a church basement with no heat, but that is another story).

On Sunday I drove to Columbus, and then on to Kalamazoo on Monday (Yes, I know that that is a stupid way to go; weird things happened along the way.), where I met up with Scott B. for dinner and conversation after three years of near silence. Much fun was had.

Scott related the following T&T story, from his college days:

Scott had a room mate at one point named Jeff, who on this particular evening was playing a T&T solo. Scott realized that Jeff was losing characters quickly and then rolling up new ones and starting over. After a while, he examined some of Jeff's discarded character sheets.

"Jeff," Scott said, "You keep doing exactly the same thing. You know it leads to certain death; why don't you try something different?"

"It's the most logical path," Jeff replied. "*I* know it leads to certain death, but my characters don't know that."

The moral of the story is that it is possible to role play WAY too much, especially when playing solos.

I listened to a LOT of music on this trip; we have accumulated a number of filk CDs that I had not previously heard end to end.

The "finished" version of Tom Smith's Last Hero on Earth" is amazingly silly, but rips my hear out anyway.

Bounding Main's version of "Northwest Passage" likewise rips my heart out.

Uncle Hyena
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