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Movies and a bit of oddness.

"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" is very much of a piece with the last guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes outing. It is great fun to see Downey and Law play off of each other, the story moves quickly and violently, and there is much silliness. If you like the last one (we did), you will like this one.

"New Year's Eve" is an ensemble romantic comedy, in the style of "Love, Actually". This one was a bit flat because the Times Square Ball Drop bores me to tears, and because Sarah Jessica Parker is a hole in the screen (for me, at least). The plot line involving Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron is magical, though, and could have been a entire (better) movie.

"The Sitter" is a "one crazy night" comedy that is generally flat. The film's best moments are NOT funny, just places where some real emotion manages to penetrate through the clutter.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks: Shipwrecked" is another Chipmunk movie. You get what you pay for.

"Young Adult" is mostly depressing, with a side order of eye candy. I think that I am done with Diablo Cody scripted films.

While kibitzing with the staff at T-town after "Alvin", I got a chance to see the trailer for "The Hobbit" on the big screen. I am REALLY looking forward to this movie...

Due to a string of strange circumstances, I found myself, at 3:00 AM on Tuesday morning, alone in a darkened hotel pool. This was a pretty cool thing. It's a shame the circumstances are not likely to repeat themselves.

Uncle Hyena
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