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There was a holiday in here, somewhere...

"Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" suffers badly from an excessive effects budget, among other things. The production team seems to have completely forgotten that "willing suspension of disbelief" needs to be EARNED. Setting absurdly short time limits on tasks are are at best barely possible in the first place just makes it all seem silly. The movie has some good moments, but for the most part, reality is so badly abused that it is hard to care about the plot at all.

"The Adventures of Tintin" suffer from a similar disregard for audience sensibility as MI:GP. Given the nature of the animation on this film, it would only work if the audience could be made to forget that it was animated, and think of it as live action. This becomes impossible when they choose to include absurd pieces that would break the frame of a live action film (A "sword fight" between a pair of cargo cranes? Really?). I REALLY wanted to like the movie; I have been a Tintin fan since some time in the 60s. But I didn't, much.

"We Bought a Zoo" is delightful. It has no major surprises; it is a story about decent people doing some that is quixotic and worthwhile. Yes, it is formulaic. The formulas exist because they work.

The household gift exchange took place on the afternoon of the 24th this year; the most significant event was the burning of the Little Tree, described elsewhere. Dementia got a Kindle Fire

On Tuesday evening we got together with my family at brother Pete's house, and a good time was had. The hit of the evening was a game called "Catchphrase", an electronic combination of charades and hot potato, sort of. It made everyone laugh, at any rate.

Uncle Hyena
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