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Devil, Beast, Haywire

Got off work Wednesday after surviving the annual seven twelve hour day marathon, in which the last two days had ended up being fourteen and fifteen hour days instead. Looked at the available movie schedule, and just went home instead. Thursday I went out to see a 2D version of "Beauty and the Beast", go there too late, saw and AWFUL movie instead, and then watched "Beauty" in 3D to clean my brain. We had hoped to see two movies each on Friday and Saturday, but only saw one on Friday due to snow, and saw none on Saturday because I worked an overtime shift. Anyway...

"The Devil Inside" is a truly awful exorcism movie. The plot is idiotic (A woman institutionalized for life after killing three people in a botched exorcism gets transferred to an asylum in the Vatican. Huh?), and the production values are laughably sloppy. I don't often completely regret seeing films...

"Beauty and the Beast" remains my all time favorite Disney animation, but the movie is significantly diminished by the changes. The 3D effects make it impossible to simply settle into the experience of the movie, and emphasizes every bit of irregularity in the animation. And then to add insult to injury, they cut two notes from the end of one of the songs, and in the process destroyed one of my favorite parts of the film.

"Haywire" is yet another take on the "Spy in the Cold" mini-genre. This one stars Gina Carano, an authentic martial artist who is also beautiful and a tolerable actress. It is a LOT of fun, and we enjoyed it a great deal.

Uncle Hyena
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