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Iron, Contraband, Miracle, Poker

Three movies and a poker night...

"The Iron Lady" is a flashback ridden biopic on Maggie Thatcher. I have nothing against flashbacks, but the framing story was Thatcher as she is now, fragile and somewhat senile. I DO NOT NEED to pay money to watch fragile seniors be lost in their own lives, thank you. Other than that, it is a good movie about a fascinating person. Dementia liked the film a great deal; it pushed too many of my buttons, and I found it unpleasant.

"Contraband" is a mediocre caper movie. It has its moments, and passes the Royko test, but there is some serious STOOPID along the way. I enjoyed it anyway.

"Big Miracle" is a heartwarming slice of life thing about a media hiccup that took place in 1988. It's a lot of fun, and the footage of the people who took part in the actual event that plays over the end credits is great. The story as presented is apparently almost entirely true, except, well, if you really want to know, read the Wikipedia article on "Operation Breakthrough".

Friday was my first chance to go to one of Pete's poker tourneys for the year, and it went pretty well. We had a larger than usual crowd, 16 player, and I flamed out in the first tourney at 8th, but then came back to win the second. Because of the large number of players, the blind structure was brutal, doubling every ten minutes. 16 players with 750 chips each is 12,000 chips, and by the time the second tourney was over (I didn't watch the final of the first tourney), the blinds were 1000/2000. Hold'em is WEIRD when you and the other gut effectively only have 12 chips between you... I have now managed at least one money finish in each of the last six outings, including three wins. Not too shabby.

Uncle Hyena
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