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Chronicles, Tails, Dickon

I have worked a lot, lately. I have had only one day off in the last ten. It eats into other thing (but also pays for them).


"Chronicle" is yet another camera-as-character film, this one about three teenagers who find themselves with telekinetic abilities. I am REALLY tired of camera-as-character, but this one isn't half bad for all of that. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power is kind of neat.

"Red Tails" is a George Lucas movie about a really cool bit of historical trivia. Essentially, Lucas wanted to make an old fashioned, corny, cliche-ridden movie about WWII fighter pilots, and the Tuskegee Airmen gave him a hook to wrap his story around. Ultimately, the quality of the cast and the strength of the underlying story prove able to survive the Lucas treatment, but it is a near thing.

Hallmark produced a Christmas Donkey back in 1987; it might have been made by Ty; it certainly had the look of a Beanie Baby. Dementia encountered one (the last on the shelf) in January of '88 while shopping for a birthday card for her father, and bought it. She named him "Dickon" after a character in the book "The Secret Garden". Since then... He has been to London, San Francisco, and Baltimore (among other places) by air, and to Texas and Vermont and Arizona (among other places) by road. He has seen nearly 2000 movies while sitting on Dementia's lap. He is utterly priceless. A few years ago Dementia replaced his by then threadbare mane and tail, and I occasionally look at him sadly and think about how much he is wearing out. On Saturday morning when I got home from work, Dementia showed me that Dickon had developed a hole in his throat that needed to be repaired. Dementia told me how she intended to repair it, and I gave my mostly worthless approval. I went to bed with a knot in my stomach, because this was DICKON, and he was precious, and... Dementia is good at this kind of thing, and top-stitched in a new panel that, while obviously not original (mostly because it is too solid and too WHITE), does the job very nicely indeed. So just that much is right with the world. (You are JUST finding out that we are sanity optional?)

Uncle Hyena
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