Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

House, Vow, Black, BASHCon

Wednesday's decompression movie was "Safe House", a pretty decent thriller. The cast is solid, the plot is reasonably plausible (as such things go).

On Thursday, we did a double feature, because we are behind and losing ground.

"The Vow" features engaging actors playing badly flawed characters in an impossible situation. The production values are high, but the story is so fundamentally horrible that watching it is a kind of torture. (Yes, the movie pushed my buttons. I am quite good enough at making myself crazy without paying for the privilege of having it done to me.)

"The Woman in Black" is a pretty good period ghost story. The production values are high, the cast is excellent, the story is OK. Someday screenwriters will learn that ghosts that follow consistent rules are scarier than ones that don't...

I got up early on Friday morning, packed, and headed for Toledo to attend BASHCon, a gaming con hosted by the University of Toledo. Played T&T in the evening, got some sleep, played T&T in the morning, and came home. Got to meet a Trollhalla denizen that I had not encountered before, and got better acquainted with two others. Good times.

Uncle Hyena
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