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Island, Arrietty, Rider, War, Wanderlust

Five movies and not much else last week, though I did get around to writing up my adventures at BASHCon on my gaming blog: http://uncle-gnoll.livejournal.com/2770.html

"Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" is tolerable; Dwayne Johnson at his best is still a let down from Brendan Fraser; the movie is slightly MORE childish than the earlier movie, and of course there is the idiocy of 3D production (No, I didn't see it in 3D.). On the other hand, there is a "Nautilus" set, and seeing characters wandering around THAT is ALMOST worth the price of admission.

"The Secret World Of Arrietty" is classic Studio Ghibli anime, a welcome event after the enormous disappointment of "Ponyo". One of these days I will have to read the source books; I have a childhood memory of Aunt Mary discussing the book with one of the elderly aunts.

"Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" features the most over-the-top performance by Nicolas Cage that I have ever seen. This movie lacks the few rare moments of visual brilliance that made the first movie watchable, but it is still tolerable. Dementia liked it better than I did.

"This Means War" is a romantic comedy with gun play and explosions, but it isn't as much fun as it should be. It IS still good enough that it makes me a little bit closer to forgiving Reese Witherspoon for "Election". The script is flawed in that Witherspoon's character makes the wrong decision in the end, but it comes out well enough. Sort of.

"Wanderlust" is a silly movie with an engaging cast that works, mostly. There is one sequence in which Paul Rudd tries to psych himself into sexual excitement by muttering vulgar nonsense into a mirror that REALLY needed to be cut, but other than that the movie is pleasant and fun. It is also often stupid and vulgar as well, but still...

Uncle Hyena
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