Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
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Valor, Deeds, Gone, Hitcher

Three movies and a road trip.

"Act of Valor" is a pretty good war movie. It is fairly formulaic and predictable, but I LIKE this kind of thing, and it gets the important stuff right.

"Tyler Perry's Good Deeds" is yet another "Tyler Perry being serious" movie (Number 64 in a series; collect them all!). Soap opera for a dull Wednesday afternoon.

"Gone" is a thriller where the central mystery is the sanity of protagonist. It works fairly well.

Friday I visited my dad, and played in the usual back to back poker tournaments. I managed to finish in the money (third) for the second one, making this the seventh consecutive outing at which I have managed to score at least once. I stayed in one hand where the percentage play was to fold pre-flop (10-5 suited, against a bet of three blinds when I was on the big blind), and ended up with four fives against fives full of jacks all in. The other fellow was SURE I would have folded pre-flop if I was holding a five, and kind of freaked out when I had the one card in the deck that could beat him.

After poker I spent the night in Merrillville, en route to Who's Yer Con in Inidanapolis. I got four hours of sleep, and got to the convention more or less on time, then wasted more than half an hour FINDING my friend Scott. We hung our for until about 11:00 PM, then I hit my hotel, got some sleep, and headed home by daylight. I stopped for gas south of Lebanon...

I was doing some paperwork, about to drive away, when someone knocked on the passenger side window. I looked up and saw a woman of indeterminate age; she was slight, and was probably pretty as a teenager, but now she mostly just looked worn out. She asked if I would give her a ride to an apartment complex that was in sight behind half a mile of empty field; she said she had walked across it once, but it was muddy and cold, and after the chemo she didn't have it in her to walk back. I said I would help her, and cleared the front seat for her; she said I shouldn't go to so much trouble, she could sit in back; I said that there were no seats, and finished moving my stuff. On the way, I asked her what she had had chemo for; she said that it had started out as non-Hodgkins lymphoma, but they said that now it had spread to her pancreas and her spleen; she would know more when the next round of test results came in. I nodded and didn't say anything. She asked me if I lived in Lebanon; I laughed and told her I was from Waukegan. She said that she didn't know Waukegan, but she knew where Illinois was; she had been to Spring Grove a few times. I yammered a bit about Waukegan, the usual Jack Benny and OMC stuff, and insisted on delivering her to the door of her apartment building. She offered me money and I turned it down; I offered her my hand and my name; we shook, she said her name was Chrissie, and she told me I was a good person. I wished her luck with the cancer, and drove away.

Metastaic lymphoma. Damn. I got the impression that she didn't know she was dead, yet...

Uncle Hyena
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