Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Thirty Years Ago Today...

...I worked midnight to eight, went out to breakfast with my now-lost friend Don Royal, and let him talk me into going to Sabbath School with him (he was nominally a Seventh Day Adventist). The class was led by a gorgeous, intelligent, deranged redhead whom I subsequently asked to marry me (she accepted, and then came to her senses a few months later). I went home, got some sleep, and then got together with my family to celebrate my birthday (which wouldn't be for two more days, but Saturday night is easier to schedule).

The redhead (who ended up eating a year of my life) makes the details stick, but the really important thing that happened that day was that my brother Pete gave me a present with a note: "This is for your car." I opened the package, and found a WB Taz plushie who was promptly christened "Grishnakh" and took up residence in my car (my first car, then on its last legs), a 1971 Chevelle known as "The Beast". He has lived in every one of the seven cars I have had since then ('74 Mustang, '76 Celica, '82 Civic, '88 Civic, '86 S10, '93 Wrangler, and now the '2000 Caravan); he comes into the house when his home goes in for repairs, and on a few other special occasions.

Like today.

"Priceless" doesn't begin to cover it...


Happy birthday, Grish.

Uncle Hyena
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