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Sixth Tetrahedral (and a Jagermonster)

Fifty-six years old today; nothing clever to say about fifty-six, except that it is the sixth in the series of tetrahedral numbers, which is to say that if you build a triangular pyramid out of marbles (or tennis balls, or what have you) that has six elements on a side, it will contain fifty=six elements.

My birthday going well so far, in spite of having to go in to work for two hours for a staff meeting.

The annual Birthday Cherry Pie materialized. It is usually marked, "WE ALL LOVE YOU" ("We" meaning Dementia and the Plush Menagerie) in fork dimples; this year's was marked, "VE ALL LUV HYU", because Dementia has gotten into Girl Genius in a big way lately, and is threatening to start living in a JagerMonster accent. (She gave herself a London accent for her 40th birthday, and lived in it for about five years). I didn't catch on to the fact that the pie was foreshadowing.

Some of you have met Rook, the sock gnoll that Dementia made for me for Yule in 2007 (details, and a picture, here: http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/217569.html . In January 2011 she started work on another secret project, one which didn't come close to being finished in time for my birthday last year. It languished for a while, then last fall she started up on it again, hoping to finish for Yule. It didn't happen. Since then, she started working REALLY hard to get it finished for my birthday, and didn't QUITE get there, but it she did get close enough that she felt she could give it to me.

I was worried. What on Earth could she be working on that would be worth that kind of effort? What was there that would have as much impact as the world's only (as far as I know) sock gnoll? And remember, she has put about three times as much effort into this project as she put into Rook (and consider; when she was asked how much she would charge to duplicate Rook, she had smiled sheepishly and said, "He was an act of love. To make it worth my while to make for a stranger, I would have to ask for at least a thousand dollars.").

Anyway... I got home from the staff meeting, opened the bag, and I cried. Because she had done it again. I now have a sock JagerMonster, specifically, I have Maxim. He still needs a hat and boots, but I recognized my favorite Jager immediately.

Pictures will follow as soon as he has a hat and boots, because no self respecting Jager would be seen in public without a hat.

Uncle Hyena
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