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Artist, Project, Carter


"The Artist" is an example of a movie that was designed from its inception to win an Academy Award. It is well made at every particular, and pretentious to the limits of credulity. I imagine that this conversation took place at some point in time:

Director: I want to do a remake of "A Star is Born" with a happy ending.

Producer: That's moronic. You'll get laughed out of Hollywood. You'll be lucky to get a job directing music videos in Vancouver.

Director: Yes, but I am going to set it in 1929, and do it as a black and white silent.

Producer: Wow! You'll probably win the Academy Award!

"Project X" is a train wreck. Take "Risky Business", suck out every last vestige of wit and charm, add a flame thrower and lots of property damage, and shoot it as camera-as-character, and you will have an approximation of this mess.

"John Carter" is great. There are a few bits of lame pseudo-science left over from Burroughs, and a few other bits of lame idiocy that the screen writers conconcted, but for the most part the movie is just a lot of fun; the principals are engaging, and the effects should be convincing to anyone who can't do inertia calculations in his head (and I just tell that part of my brain to shut up). See this movie, though avoid the pointless 3D if you can. I intend to see it again in 2D if I can (we saw it in 3D due to a schedule conflict). I wish this movie all the best, though I really doubt it will recoup its staggering production cost.

Uncle Hyena
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