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Hunger Games

Over the course of the last week or so I have consumed "The Hunger Games" as an audio book. I wanted to have read it before the movie came out, reading time was scarce, I had a road trip in front of me, and we already had the audio book (Dementia had consumed it a while ago). So it worked out.

I approached the book with a certain amount of trepidation. Several of my friends whose opinions I trust had loved this book and its sequels; the single person whose opinion I value most (Dementia), however, had been significantly unimpressed. As it turns out, so was I.

To begin, I am not fond of present tense narrative. Sometimes it works, but it is usually a bad idea. First person present tense multiplies all of the problems inherent in third person present tense, and adds a few more. My effort to remain open minded to the story ended in moderate hostility in the first minute.

I liked the characters, for the most part. Katniss often struck me as almost unbelievably thick, and many of the names irritated me (and this when I only had to hear them, not look at them). The world struck me as rationally untenable in many ways. The governmental uber-villian failed to convince me; it struck me as so pointlessly and obviously EEEVIL as to be an obvious straw man. The plot twist that led to the climactic act of defiance struck me as stupidly self destructive (Do you REALLY want all of your citizens to not only fear you, but to HATE you?).

So, tolerable romance, BAD science fiction. Maybe a C- overall. On the other hand, this means the movie has a really good chance to transcend its source material...

Uncle Hyena
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