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I worked seven days last week, which burned my brain just a bit...

As of about 8:00 AM on Friday, March 16, I had known Dementia for half of my life.

On Friday afternoon we saw, "21 Jump Street", which was DUMB, but fun.

On Saturday morning, I got up earlier than I needed to (barely), drove to Midas and dropped of the van for routing maintenance, then walked home, where I was informed that the van had frame rot, and needed a major repair. I immediately thought in terms of the $1500 cash only, off book, no warranty, technically illegal repair that the Jeep had needed, and felt kind of sick. When we got to the body shop on Monday, it turned out that it was a fairly routine fix of a known design problem, and will cost only $225. Phew.

Saturday night we went to Nikki and Steve's annual Housewarming Memorial, and had a great time. We hadn't been there ten minutes before I found an excuse to sing Jon Kaufmann's "Meet the Deep Ones" (and thanks again for that one, Jon; I have gotten an amazing amount of mileage out of that song) which went over well, and things progressed well from there.

On Monday... Sometime back in 2007 I talked Dementia into joining Neopets. She did, and adopted the minimum one pet, a yellow goatish-thing (an Ogrin, for those who care) that she named Mister Gebo. Being Dementia, she took the game too seriously, and became attached to the critter. In January, someone hacked her account and stole a fairly large amount of game cash. She complained, and the admins froze her account "for her protection". And then, being Neopets, and having about a million customers for every employee, there was a LONG silence. Dementia did everything she could to make sure that they would return her account to her, but Neopets doesn't send acknowledgements, and days stretched into weeks into months; Dementia was sure that they would never unlock the account, and was more than a little upset. Finally, on Monday, more than two months after the initial complaint, the reset her password and unlocked the account, and Mister Gebo is free again, and a bit of daily trauma is over.

And then we have the following foolishness, a combination of game geekery, and a memorial for Clueless Tom, who died six years ago Saturday:

Uncle Hyena
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