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Yemen, Hunger, Wrath, Mirror, Poker, Deep Ones

Four movies this week (not too unusual), all of them in Dementia's company (which is pretty unusual).

"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" is a British romance that borders on comedy without ever falling over. It is a great deal of Quixotic fun, and we enjoyed it very much.

"The Hunger Games" is a disappointment, and I went in with low expectations. The book had decent character writing and bad science fiction, and the film makers chopped up the character stuff to make room for even MORE bad science fiction. The cast is good, and the performances are good, but the overall experience is mediocre.

"Wrath of the Titans" is superior to its predecessor. It is another piece of quasi-classical fantasy adventure fluff, this time without a shred of classical plot to keep it on track. It is amusing for all of that, though, and Bill Nighy as Hephaestus is almost worth the price of admission all by himself.

"Mirror, Mirror" is GREAT. Yes, it is silly fluff, but it is INSPIRED silly fluff, and we loved it.

Friday was April Poker Night (because the appropriate evening would have been Good Friday, so they rescheduled the first Friday of April into March). I kept my streak of one money finish per night going by finishing third in the second tourney.

On Sunday (April 1), Colosseum Games in Kenosha had a Lovecraft day. I arrived, kibitzed a bit, and made a small purchase. There were about two dozen people there, playing at least five different Lovecraft based board games. I checked with the owner, and then went into Stentorian Mode...

"A few days ago, Gerrold asked me to come in today and sing for you. I can see that this idea frightens you, and it should. But it will be only slightly painful, and it will be over quickly." And then I sang "Meet the Deep Ones". The reactions were pretty unanimous, from distressed bewilderment to laughter to applause.

"Meet the Deep Ones" is pretty much a perfect comedy bit, given the right audience; it is short, it is funny, and it builds. Thanks again to Jon Kaufman for writing it.

Uncle Hyena
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