Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Reunion, Cabin, Lockout, Zoo

Two movies (one a repeat) on Wednesday, Thursday lost in fog, Brookfield zoo on Friday, and two more movies on Saturday.

Movies first:

"American Reunion" is much of the same with its three predecessors; it is vulgar, stupid, and manic, and yet it has a real heart down in there somewhere, and you see just enough of it to make the whole mess tolerable.

"Cabin in the Woods" tries a unique take on horror tropes, and mostly gets away with it, mostly. It's hard to say much about this movie with out giving things away, but: Blood, humor, and a LOT of weirdness.

"Lockout" is pretty much a remake of "Escape From New York", cross pollinated with "Die Hard", all set in space. The plot is worthy of a Syfy original, but the production values are high, and the characters and the dialog are enough better than that to make it watchable. Again, mostly.

We hadn't been to Brookfield zoo in three years, and spent four hours wandering around the place. Everything seems a little emptier and more remote, though that may just be me. Still, Rodriquez Island Fruit Bats and Humboldt Penguins, and a bizarre interlude in one of the gift shops that included a discussion of mahjong and segued into an explanation of how cricket is played. Good times, and moderately sore feet.

Uncle Hyena
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