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Wednesday I took a different route to after work decompression: I hit Colosseum Games in Kenosha, and hung out. Played Pirate Fluxx (one of a series of MANY Fluxx games, but my first) which was silly but fun, and then did an introductory scenario of the Lord of the Rings Card Game. LotRCG is beautiful and clever, but a bit dry and slow. After we were done, I recited the inscription on the Ring by way of a parting shot; one of the guys at another table looked up and said, "Why do I get this sudden feeling that the ground is about to open up?" Heh.

Thursday went away, mostly. Got some minor projects done. Friday we went to see the annual Earth Day Movie, this one called "Chimpanzee". Because we were sanity optional, we brought all of the chimps in the menagerie with us (there are six). The movie is visually stunning, and less irritating, narratively, than previous Earth Day films have been. It documents one authentic and peculiar event (the adoption of an orphaned infant by an adult MALE chimp), and then weaves a story around that out of whole cloth, using clips chosen from hundreds of hours of images to make it look like the story is actually happening. Still, two hours of beautiful images of chimps being chimps. Not too bad.

Uncle Hyena
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