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Dark, Marigold, Expecting

Two weeks again. Shame on me.

"Dark Shadows" is silly, but so was the show it is based on. In spite of the trailers, the movie is NOT a comedy; it is a Tim Burton film, which means it has a great deal of humor, even more weirdness, and a pretty solid story underneath. We enjoyed the film a great deal.

"The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" is a quirky comic drama about a fledgling retirement "hotel" for English expatriates in India. The cast is AMAZING, the story if pleasantly bittersweet, and it is worth seeing, if you can find it.

"What to Expect When You're Expecting" is an ensemble romantic comedy, in the style of "Love, Actually". The unifying theme is pregnancy, and I would have been inclined to give the thing a miss, but Dementia liked the trailers. The movie has some very funny bits, and some engaging characters, and some hole-in-the-screen characters. I don't quite regret seeing it, quite.

Three weeks later, the canoe still hasn't hit the water. The day is getting closer, though.

I managed to get through a bit over a year without a lawn mower, since I have had fairly reliable itinerant mowers ever since my last mower broke last spring. My luck ran out this week, and I bought a new machine and did a cursory job on the front lawn on Saturday. I suspect I will have to do a more thorough job front and back next week; we shall see. (Remember, the goal is to have the second worst lawn on the block; the worst lawn belongs to a bad neighbor, and any better than second worst means I have given the job more effort than it deserves...)

Uncle Hyena
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