Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Khazangame Roll Call

Yorrdamma Vrash (Roy Cram) is Wulf Wanderer: Human, fighter, werewolf
Archivis (Kevin Woolie) is Weslynn Janoum: Human, Rogue (?)
Mist-Tikk Foo-all (Paul Ingrassia) is Gronk: Minotaur, fighter
Khaghbboommm Mark Thornton) is Perry Stroika: Half elf, wizard
Darrgh Tarrho (Stephen Orpin) is Lumlas: Elf, wizard
M'oskqorrg (David Moskowitz) is Algris Srog: Human, ???
Tzhett (Chet Cox) is Mensa ben Samuel: Dwarf, fighter, SIMPLE
Mhegrrrim Skulltosser (Brian Penn) is Edurin: Human, ???
G'noll (Paul Haynie)is Zhanh olt Grezhakh (an Elf with an Uruk name): Elf, wizard
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