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High, Frankenstein, Snow, Messabout

Again, two weeks. Shame on me.

"High School" is a LAME stoner comedy. I tend to like stoner comedies; they are generally unassuming bits of fluff that are neither particularly vulgar nor mean-spirited. They are also at least moderately funny. This one, not so much.

"Frankenstein" is a filmed play staring Jonny Lee Miller as Victor and Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster. GOOD play. GREAT performances. We don't go to evening movies very often, but this one was worth it.

"Snow White and the Huntsman" is difficult. It feels as if they had made a BRILLIANT 180 minute movie, and then cut it down haphazardly to under 130 minutes. The film contains many, many flashes of brilliance, but doesn't hold together very well. In the end, we liked it, but it is clear that a much better movie was there to be made, but didn't.


Visited my dad and played poker on the June 1, managed to finish in the money for the second tourney. Loaded the canoe back onto the top of the car on May 30, and then hauled it around pointlessly for several days. I was supposed to leave for the Rend Lake Messabout on June 7, but spent several hours doing carpentry to mount the oars on the canoe, and then took Dementia to see "Snow White". On Friday I finally headed down to Rend Lake.

The messabout was fun; too much caffeine, too much wood smoke, too much sun, not enough sleep. The canoe worked moderately well; performance was at the lower end of acceptable, but I have several tweaks to apply, yet, so the jury is still out. I had occasion to recite both "Silver Lady" and "Galatea" at the campfire on Saturday night, and both went over VERY well. I also managed to generate a really scary popping noise out of my right shoulder while doing something stupid. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to indicate any lasting damage.

Uncle Hyena
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