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Searchers, People, Magic, Sligo

It's been a long week; I spend most of it being miserable recovering from sunburn. Managed to see three movies, visit the dentist, and spend several hours playing T&T in spite of that. I also finally succumbed to the inevitable and spent about 24 hours in bed on Friday night and Saturday.

"The Searchers" is regarded by some as the best western ever made; it very much is not. The story is strong, but the pacing is awful, the score is by turns heavy-handed and non-existent, and John Wayne is very much in movie star (as opposed to actor) role. He doesn't even RIDE well, looking like a drunkard who has never been on a horse before. I'm glad I saw it, but wish I had liked it more.

"People Like Us" is a charming slice of life. It involves a strong cast playing broken people who end the film somewhat less broken when they started. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Magic Mike" is also a slice of life, though wrapped in large quantities of beefcake. The main characters are good, but the plot is thin and kind of depressing. If our audience was any indication, the vast majority of attendees wouldn't have cared if the dialog were in Swahili; they were only there for the beefcake, anyway.

On Thursday I spent an hour and a half in the dentist's chair getting my teeth power cleaned, then re-watched the first half of "Brave" (which is really amazing) while hiding from the heat, and then spend several hours being the first victim of a prototype of my friend Sligo's new T&T solo. Two of my three characters survived, though they missed the big prize of the game by a significant margin. I only wish I had been more nearly conscious.

Uncle Hyena
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