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Road Trip, Knight, Step, Watch

Movies first:

"The Dark Knight Rises" is the third of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. It delivers what it promises.

"Step Up: Revolution" has less dancing, better acting, and a stupider plot that the previous entries in this apparently eternal series. The female lead is a talented actress and dancer who has apparently had her face rebuilt since her reality TV days; the surgeon deserves some kind of award. Did I say the plot was STOOPID?

"The Watch" is a comedy about neighborhood watch yahoos who stumble across an alien invasion. I chuckled ONCE.

Anyway... We hit the road on at about noon on Monday, July 16, after the usual hamster wheel foolishness. Arrived in Omaha late, found the hotel eventually, slept, discovered the car had been broken into and my game bag stolen in the morning. Lost were the dice I have carried since 1979, a pack of plastic cards that were almost that old, my GPS, my camera, a couple of thumb drives, some out of print game rules, my boat knife, about a hundred feet of nylon rope, and a bottle of Gatorade. None of it has ANY street value, but it will cost about $500 to replace it all, and some of it was irreplaceable. Still, none of it was anything we couldn't live without. Omaha PD couldn't be bothered AT ALL (don't get robbed in Omaha).

Dodge City, Kansas, is a thriving town notwithstanding its history, as opposed to Deadwood, SD (which is a resort), or Tombstone, AZ (which is mostly a museum).

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is as pretty as advertised. I somehow managed to miss that the whole town is at about 7000 feet, but didn't have the altitude trouble I had last year.

Trollcon started with the Rick Loomis poker game; I doubled up on the first hand, and then lost half of those winnings over the course of the evening. Once the con proper started, I dug into the High Fantasy tourney, which is a play by mail/e-mail game; we ran through more than 90 turns in the weekend. It was fun, but I am not sure it was a wise investment of time. There were only three general admission T&T games the whole weekend, one a day; I managed to get into two of them, as well as a one-on-one with Bear Peters because I expressed admiration for his idea of a medieval, methane based airship. Got to hobnob with many of the T&T/FBI old guard, which is always fun. Rick, Ken, Liz, Bear, and Steve Crompton were busy plotting the next edition of T&T, which bodes well for the future. (If you are a T&T fan, you don't need the last names, and if you aren't, they likely won't mean anything.)

We left Phoenix on Monday morning, drove through Flagstaff and Page to spend the night in Beaver, Utah, as we had last year. Got a glimpse of Lake Powell from Page; I NEED to get back there, one of these days. The leg from Beaver to Boise was the only part of the trip that covered exactly the same roads as last year, and oddly, the one day of each trip that Dementia did all of the driving. Visited with the in-laws, saw the Boise zoo, drove an hour down the road to have lunch in Ontario, Oregon.

On Friday we started back, and took the indirect route through North Dakota going home. We shared a hotel in Montana with a Masonic biker club called "The Widow's Sons", and tripped over a wedding in the hotel in North Dakota. The last stop was Bandana Square in Minneapolis, a railway yard converted into a shopping center converted into an office complex. It's a wonderful old building.

On the way home from Madison, we detoured through Milton and Johnstown Center, places that Tim and Mitch and I rode through on our bicycles back in 1974. The road we took is currently torn up, and we had to follow a detour, which took some of the fun out of it.

So... Fifteen days, fourteen nights, and 5000 miles. Dementia says, "Never again." We'll see.

Uncle Hyena
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