Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Recall, Pathfinder

August is nearly half gone, and I haven't gotten the canoe back in the water yet. Grrr.

Saw the new "Total Recall" on Sunday; I was unimpressed. The cast was good, and did well with what they had to work with, but the effects ate the movie, and were for the most part too overblown to care about. The through-the-earth transport tunnel was stupid both in concept and execution.

Monday I mostly just blodged and decompressed; Tuesday I had the chance to sit in on an on-going Pathfinder campaign run and populated by various Tinseltown denizens. I inhabited an NPC, and got to play fox in the hen house. Much fun.

Replacements for various stolen stuff have been showing up all week, which is kind of cool. It still hurts, though. It will hurt more when the bills come due.

Uncle Hyena
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