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Expendables, Premium, Lullaby, Air, Malaise

Too much work, not enough sleep, whimper, whine, moan.

"Expendables 2" is a pretty worthy sequel; as is often the case, the drive to be bigger and better leads to louder and stupider, but in the end it was a fun movie anyway.

"Premium Rush" is a decent thriller with lots of interesting bicycle stunts and some amusing if not exactly useful effects. At a couple of points, the hero projects his path through a variety of possibilities, most of which result in Wile E. Coyote style crashes, before finding a way out. The crashes are macabre fun.

Went rowing on Monday, barely finished a lap of Sterling Lake. Some of the problem was time pressure, but some of it was just the usual autumnal malaise. I HATE being allergic to September. The time pressure was generated by the need to replace my window air conditioner, which decided to start doing a continual impression of a passing freight train.

And finally, somewhere in there I had a burst of creativity. I have been playing in an online RPG run by Ken St. Andre for a few months, and I decided I needed a goblin lullaby. I dug through my archives, found something vaguely suitable, and then decided to try to come up with one on the spot. This is what happened:

The goblins come a hunting through the darkness of the night;
they'll steal your food and money, and your shoelaces for spite.
The goblins are so clever as they sneak and slink and steal,
And if you chance to see them you will wonder if they're real.
Oh, the goblins are so sneaky, and the goblins are so smart,
And it's good to be a goblin with a clever goblin heart.


Uncle Hyena
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