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Zhanh's Inventory

Zhanh olt Grezhakh
Played by G'Noll/ unclehyena@gmail.com/Paul Haynie

Character in a nutshell: Elf raised by goblins, indentured to an Urook Wizard named Grezhakh; served Grezhakh as servant and apprentice for many years while Grezhakh was a ship's wizard. Grezhakh is now dead, Zhanh is a journeyman wizard and an accomplished sailor. Long term goals: Fortune, glory, and arcane knowledge. Short term goal: Get certified by the Khazan Wizard's Guild. To this end, he carries a letter of introduction from Grezhakh (who studied at the Khazan guild, once upon a time).

As of the end of the "Vampire War" saga under Roy Cram, Zhanh was living at Rasulki Manor, and had a relationship going with Associate Librarian Auriyah the elf.

(The paragraph above should have been on the character sheet, but for some reason it REFUSED to load. Weird.)


Soft leather armor (5 hits).
Vambrace on left forearm (1 hit).
Clothes, well made, mostly canvas. Not new or showy, but in good condition.
Sax, sheathed, hung from belt (right hip, for vertical Roman-style draw with right hand).
Coat or cloak, as appropriate to local custom.
Hat, red leather, with a broad, floppy brim. (Magic; lives on blood, self cleaning and self repairing, serves as permanent focus.)
Shoulder bag, canvas with leather trim.
Boots, well made and well-fitting. Not new or showy, but in good condition.
Seabag, canvas, with shoulder straps.
Waterskin, about one quart, with shoulder strap.
Thumb rings, one on each hand, woven leather. Enchanted with the
"Hocus Focus" spell.

Seabag contains:

Tarp, 5' by 8', with grommets along the edges.
Poles, 30" by 1 1/4", Two. Used for making a tent out of the tarp,
among other things.
Mess kit. (Plate, knife, fork, spoon, a box of salt.)
Tin cup, 12 to 16 ounce capacity.
Cordage, various lengths and weights. Specifically, enough to rig the
tarp as a tent, with some extra to play with.
Silk rope, 50'.
Spikes, steel or iron, 12. These are about 1/4" in diameter, and eight
inches long. They weigh two or three ounces each, and are mostly tent
Sweater, heavy wool.
Scarf, heavy wool.
Underclothes, spare set.
Needle and thread and miscellaneous bits for clothing repair, including a sailor's palm.
Fish hooks and line.
A whetstone.
Note: There are enough grommets/ tie points on the bag that he can
secure his coat and most of his other gear to it if he wants to.
Three days worth of food, carefully wrapped: Cheese, hardtack, sausage.

Shoulder bag contains:

Sailor's sheath knife.
Fid, lignum vitae. (A piece of wood, about nine inches long and
tapering from over an inch in diameter to a point. A sailor's knotting
Ocarina, brass, small. (An ounce or two; I actually own this.)
Cord, a few yards of mixed light cord, including his current knotting project.
Leather thongs, various lengths.
Purse (a small leather bag containing his available coins)
Two or three spare thumb rings made of knotted leather and enchanted
with "Hocus Focus".
Brass shot glass.
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