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Taken, Argo, Boom

Movies and illness.

"Taken 2" is a worthy sequel to "Taken", very much more of the same. Maggie Grace gets to do some moderately heroic stuff, including using a cell phone and hand grenades for navigation (It works, it really does, but is kind of hard on the architecture.). Efforts to give Liam Neeson's character more depth are both futile and unnecessary. We KNOW he's a competent actor, but that isn't what we bought THIS ticket to see.

"Argo" has been billed as "The story of the most important movie that was never made", and that pretty well sums it up. It is a VERY cool story, very well presented, if probably a bit over-dramatised. It belongs on the shelf next to "Charlie Wilson's War."

"Here Comes the Boom" is a stupidly improbable come-from-behind-and-save-the-ranch comedy. This sort of thing will pretty much always work if you will let it, and we pretty much always do. Try not to think about the travel expenses.

My mother in law had successful open heart surgery on Monday; she is currently enjoying being waited on while stoned out of her mind. Dementia will likely make an otherwise unscheduled pilgrimage to Idaho in the near future in defense of her "Dutiful Daughter" merit badge therefore.

My autumnal malaise may have come to a peak on Tuesday, when I was sick enough to stumble home after ten minutes of a training shift. I am actually feeling GOOD at the moment; it has been a while.

Uncle Hyena
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