Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Cross, Seven, Coffin (Cardboard)

Movies and minor household foolishness.

"Alex Cross" is a crime thriller that asks us to believe that a middle-aged psychologist with a moderate paunch can go head to head with a former Navy SEAL in top condition. The rest of the movie maintains this standard of believability. Still, it is not unpleasant, just dumb.

"Seven Psychopaths" is bizarre and funny, but WAY too self conscious. It has some great moments, and we liked it well enough, but came away feeling that the director had had more fun with the film than we did.

We have been thinking about buying an elliptical trainer for a while, and finally bit the bullet on Monday. The van wasn't ready for cargo at the time, so I came back and picked the think up after a class on Tuesday. Exercise machines that are built to handle people in my weight class tend to be HUGE, and this thing was: The box was 76" by 32" by 18", and weighed 265 pounds (very much the size and shape of an occupied coffin). I let the staff load it, but getting it out of the van and into the house an INTERESTING experience. I haven't been home and conscious long enough since then to assemble it, but I have HOPES for the thing...

Uncle Hyena
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