Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Cloud Atlas

"Cloud Atlas": What happens when you take an oddly structured book and choose to make an even more oddly structured movie out of it? You get a confused mess. There are some good performances in this film, and some of the visuals are excellent, but the movie fails to pay the freight on its own pretentiousness, or its nearly three hour running time.

In other news... We got the elliptical trainer assembled on Sunday, with only minor bloodshed and minimal bruising; Dementia only managed to hit me in the face with a random part once. But the thing is assembled, and it works, and we have both been using it daily, which is good. I have been getting up and doing time on the machine instead of eating before work, which should bring some positive results.

Dementia will be leaving for a road trip to Boise on Friday, and I will be left to myself for about ten days. I already have a game day with Ernie G. and a trip south to lunch with my father planned. We will see what else transpires. I think I need to find a lunch or dinner companion for either Monday or Tuesday...

Uncle Hyena
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