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Movies and boring exercise stories.

"Chasing Mavericks" is almost a surf movie. That is, the quest object of the film is an infrequent monster surf break off the California coast, and the skill and stamina required to reach, it catch it, ride it, and survive, but the movie is about a quest, not about surfing. I would have enjoyed the movie more if it had presented more of the legend of the Mavericks break, but we enjoyed the movie a great deal anyway.

"Paranormal Activity 4" more or less succeeds at doing, "The same, but different", without falling over the cliff of "Bigger! Better! More!" Almost. Creepy Aunt Katie is about two movies short of being inducted into the fellowship of Freddie, Jason, and Michael.

"Flight" looked like a REALLY cool movie in the trailers. I got the impression that it was going to consist of a short (but really cool) initial "adventure" segment (the crash), followed by a courtroom drama. I was wrong. This is a movie about addiction and recovery, meaning that it is dreary and unpleasant to watch, but the critics love it.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is a mediocre animated movie about rogue video game characters. The characters were mostly bland, the story was mostly routine, there was a lot of visual noise, and no hint of original thought.

In what passes for the real world, I have worked out on the Beast, as the elliptical machine has come to be known, every day since October 31 for at least ten hard minutes, and Things Are Happening. I am losing weight, and I am hungry ALL THE TIME. Much fun.

Dementia's mother had open heart surgery on October 15; Dementia started driving out to visit her (after a long discussion of alternative transportation methods) yesterday morning; she is due in Boise on Sunday night. She is going to catch the edge of a blizzard crossing Wyoming today;I have a new knot in my stomach...

Uncle Hyena
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