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First of all, in case anyone has been holding his or her breath in the interim: Dementia made it safely to Idaho as scheduled, spent four days there, and is on the last leg of her homeward journey as I write this. She swears that she is NEVER going to leave home again; she might mean it.

I was off Saturday night, and had a few days of unscheduled bachelorhood to fill. I spent Saturday afternoon and evening gaming with Ernie Gygax; on Sunday I had lunch with my father, and watched the Bears game start to finish with brother Pete (first time I have watched an entire Bears game since 1985); on Monday I did some chores, saw two movies, and had dinner with Paul G. (whom I had not seen in over a year); on Tuesday I saw three more movies, and had hot dogs in the fireplace for supper. Rah.


"Sinister" is a horror movie. I knew that going in. The problem is that it FEELS like a really good whodunit through about the halfway point, and I was significantly disappointed when the supernatural garbage started happening. It is always frustrating when the material for a better movie (albeit, in this case, in a different and less lucrative genre) is right there on the screen...

"Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" is visually interesting, and there is some good character work, but the movie suffers from an apparent assumption that the audience is aware of the material in the first movie, and in the game that engendered it. Since I am not, the movie never really connected with me.

"Fun Size" is another Nickleodeon ersatz teen romp. That is, it was written by middle-aged men who don't quite remember being teenagers, and it all feels a little bit off. There are a few amusing bits along the way, though.

"Skyfall" is exactly what one expects a Daniel Craig James Bond movie to be. Craig continues to be EXACTLY the character Ian Flemming wrote about. This is a worthy entry to the Bond library, but of course I can only think of ONE Bond movie ("A View to a Kill) I wouldn't happily watch again.

"The Man with the Iron Fists" is just awful. I would MUCH rather have just watched Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu have dinner together, evern if they weren't talking to each other. Remember all of those bad reviews that "The Warrior's Way" got, even though the movie was pretty good? This is the movie that earned those reviews.

Dementia will be home this evening. Laundry and newspaper catch while waiting, followed by more hot dogs in the fireplance.

Uncle Hyena
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