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Twi-Final, Lincoln, Sessions

Dementia came home before I had finished the laundry, and swears she is never leaving home again. We shall see.


"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is far and away the most watchable entry in the series. The first half hour is more of the moony nothing that filled most of the last entry, but then things get...interesting. It is interesting that the effects extravaganza that serves as the climax of the entire series is covered by a couple of lines in the book; point of view is sometimes significant. Ashley Greene's "Alice" remains the most interesting character in the story.

"Lincoln" is, scene by scene, absolutely brilliant, if occasionally a bit too self-conscious in its cleverness. Unfortunately, there are just far too many scenes, and a potentially exciting story becomes a soporific slog. Tommy Lee Jones steals every scene he is in. I was intrigued by the (apparently historical) care that the characters took to avoid referring to the south as a NATION. To them, as a matter of policy, there was no CSA, there were only rebels. That had not ever connected with me before.

"The Sessions" is a very strange story about a man who decides he wants to lose his virginity after 30 years in an iron lung. It is occasionally humorous, occasionally touching, and mostly just uncomfortable; the movie takes you far enough into the main character's life that you feel like you are intruding. The movie is well done, but... Why?

Uncle Hyena
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