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Silver, Guardians, Dawn, Pi

Movies, a class, Thanksgiving, Dementia's birthday, and life goes on.

"Silver Linings Playbook" is an odd slice of life/ love story about broken people trying to get better. Some of it is extremely funny; some of it is extremely difficult to watch. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Rise of the Guardians" is an animated fantasy targeted at eight-year-olds, stretched over an examination of the nature of belief, religion, and ceremonial magic. It is occasionally funny; it is occasionally ALMOST profound. We enjoyed it, mostly.

"Red Dawn" is a tolerable action movie with an absurd premise that fails to live up the 1984 original at almost every point. In addition to the premise being an order of magnitude more absurd than in the earlier film, the current villain is two-dimensional, and the military choreography is significantly inferior. Many of the key scenes of the earlier movie are revisited and changed, always for the worst. Specifically, the deer's blood, the Mayor's son, and the last hand grenade are all addressed, but the current versions are hopelessly lame when compared to the originals.

"Life of Pi" is beautiful and sleepy and eccentric, and we both enjoyed it slightly as theater of the absurd. If you allow yourself to realize that both the original writer and the director had an agenda, and try to determine that agenda (a practice that I NEVER recommend), the whole thing becomes unpleasant. But it is still visually beautiful.

Thanksgiving dinner was grilled cheese, which was fine with me.

I had a company sponsored class on Tuesday and Wednesday, and bailed out at the lunch break on Wednesday in the interest of being conscious and healthy for my normal work shift. This was the correct, adult thing to do, but I REALLY resent having to walk out on four hours of double time...

Uncle Hyena
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