Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Zhanh olt Grezhakh

Zhanh olt Grezhakh
Played by G'Noll/ unclehyena@gmail.com/Paul Haynie

Level Two Elf Wizard

STR: 10+3=13
CON: 10+3=13
DEX: 13+3=16
SPD: 11
INT: 18+6=24
WIZ: 18+1=19
LCK: 12+1=13
CHR: 12

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Auburn/Mahogany
Eyes: DARK Green

Combat Adds: 2

Weapons: Sax, 2D+5
Armor: 6: Soft Leather (5), plus one vambrace (1) (on left arm)

Weight possible: 1300
Weight carried: Less than that.

Wealth: 18 gold in mixed coins

AP: (3/12: STR: 0; CON: 45; DEX: 21; SPD: 41; INT: 0; WIZ: 0; Arch: 0; Generic: 22)


Goblin (Speak, write phonetically in Common letters)
Urook (Speak, write phonetically in Common letters)
Common (Speak with a goblin accent, write)
Most common dead wizardy language (equivalent to Latin)(read, sort of speak)
Second most common dead wizardy language (equivalent to Greek)(read, sort of speak)
Less common dead wizardy language (equivalent to Hebrew)(read, sort of speak)

Does not know ANY Elvish, but may learn some day (Studying Ancient Elvish).


1) Seamanship (INT): 3. Zhanh is familiar with all of the intellectual parts of loading, operating, and navigating a ship or small boat. He can function (and has) as an Ordinary Seaman (or a Midshipman).

2) Game Theory (INT): 3. Zhanh has made a study of all sorts of competitive interactions. Includes strategy, tactics, probability, and some psychology.

Skills (not really Talents): Make "Poor Baby" potions, Make Vials of Flaming Oil, Horsemanship


All of the common first level spells.
Learned from Khayd'Haik: Hidey Hole and Whammy
Learned from Lumlas: Poor Baby, Little Feets, Glue You, and Cat Eyes
Learned from Evojuras: Dura-Spell Battery, You Clot!, Spit in Your Eye
Learned from Kaza Noteel: Finger Spell, Fly Me, Omnipotent Eye, Mirage
Cantrips: Punch (Lvl 1, 2 WIZ, D6 damage, range 20 feet. Double range and damage for each additional 2 WIZ); Catfall (Lvl 1, 3 WIZ, fall up to 50 feet, land unharmed on feet).

Inventory can be found here:

For reference: Auriyah is the library elf from Rasulki Manor.

Vampire hunt armor:
Vorpalled Sax (4 dice + 10)
24 enchanted arrows (6 dice damage per hit)
Bow that gets an extra die on accuracy SRs
Elf mail with coif and bracers (12+2+2 = 16 hits)
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