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Saturday, December 22, we went out to Marengo after I got off work and caught the second half of the Earth Traditions Yule gathering. Good people, good times. We came in while they were filking "12 Days of Christmas" to reflect local pagan sensibilities, and I tried not to get drawn in; they are good people, and I like them, but their world view is painfully optimistic for me. Once the filk foolishness was over, there was a group meditation and a communal meal, with the usual hyperbolic conversation. Good times. Also, the Incomparable Nikki.

Sunday, 12/23, I got up with a fever, and spent the afternoon freezing through the worst fever I have had as an adult. It peaked at 101.4 (against a normal of 97.6), at which point the freezing sensation ended. At about 9:00 PM the fever started to come down, and I finally let myself hit the pain killers and get some sleep. I was fine the next day. Weird.

Monday, 12/24 we went south and had steak fondue with brother Pete and his extended family. Nephew Jake was doing the "Introduce the Girl to the Family" ritual, and I was impressed. But then, I kind of expect Jake to make good choices. He seems to be at least as smart as his crazy uncle, and not nearly as broken.

En route to the south side, we stopped and watched "Jack Reacher", which is a solid and fun action/ thriller thing. I really like Tom Cruise as an actor. I wish he wasn't crazy.

Blodged the 25th with no particularly magical Yule gifts, then worked four days and, on Sunday, 12/30, we went into the city and saw "A Klingon Christmas Carol", the only play ever presented entirely in Klingon. The play has been performed annually SOMEWHERE since it was first written six or seven years ago, and some of the cast members have been in every production. It is a brilliant production of a deeply flawed concept. The play is made intelligible by a "supertitle" screen above the stage displaying English translations, and the play is full of Star Trek in jokes. It is FUN. The conceptual problem is that Dicken's story was about Scrooge learning compassion, and the writers have chosen to retain that (probably because changing that would have made the story dark and unpleasant). Except... Among Klingons, compassion isn't a virtue, it's a VICE. This gave the whole experience a VERY odd resonance...

Uncle Hyena
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