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Welcome to Atlanta

So... I blodged about the house on Wednesday afternoon and evening, and on Thursday, in that unpleasant place between "sick" and "healthy" that makes days turn into gray blurs. I made an effort to get myself together for a memorial service for a local boy who had been killed in a car crash (friend of a friend), and managed to take two hours to shower and get dressed, by which time the service was long over.

We were too burned out to go to the movies on Friday night, left home for Atlanta on Saturday morning, spent the night in Eddyville, KY. Got into Atlanta shortly after 6:00 PM Eastern, surrendered the car to the valets (grrr...) and got checked in.
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I REALLY hate driving in strange cities, which is to say every city, since I don't get into Chicago often enough to know my way around. The critical thing is knowing which lane to be in when, something that doesn't show up on maps, much. And it doesn't help that Dementia is no better than an indifferent navigator. Ah, well.

So here I am, trying to get up to date with my on line life, and wondering if it is worth my while to go out and try to explore Atlanta on a grey, rainy afternoon. Given the intensity of my habit, I REALLY need to at least visit the Coca-Cola museum, which is only a couple of blocks away...

On the other hand, I have a brand new lap top in front of me, and about a two year backlog of computer games (at least; I have never actually played "StarCraft", much less "Warcraft III"; you get the idea). We shall see.

Uncle Hyena
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