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Not to bury the lead: There is a new poem, "Runesong". The link is at the end of this post.


"Gangster Squad" feels a lot like a remake of "The Untouchables". It isn't; both stories are more true than not, and are separated by 2000 miles and 15 years. But they are very similar stories. "The Untouchables" was better, but this one is still good, and currently on the big screen.

"The Last Stand" is Arnold's first starring role since he retired from politics. It is a lot of fun, but it helps to not think about any of the details too much.

"Zero Dark Thirty" is a supposedly accurate telling of the search for, and execution of, Osama bin Laden. The actual details identities of many of the major players are classified, so who knows? It feels real enough. The movie suffers from being too close to its source material; many of the names and dates and places needed to be more heavily underscored for an audience that had not been living and breathing the story for several years. The performances are excellent, but the film's moral ambiguity makes it hard to actually LIKE.

"The Impossible" tells the mostly true story of a family separated by the December, 2004 tsunami, and subsequently reunited. The movie delivers what it promises; the opening is sleepy, the tsunami sequence is horrifying, and the search is heart wrenching, and the ultimate reunion is heart warming. The pace is a bit slow, but the performances are excellent, particularly that of eldest son Tom Holland.

And finally... There is a new poem, a mnemonic for the runes of the Elder Futhark. Find it here: http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/326407.html

Uncle Hyena
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