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Poker, Funeral, Quartet, Guys, Bodies, Bullet

Behind, again. Ah, well.

Played poker on February 1, didn't finish in the money in either go. Had a good time anyway.

Went to Manny's memorial on Saturday, and then to a gathering of comic shop denizens afterword. It is ALMOST worth hanging out at a local church just to have someone who knows you deliver your eulogy. Almost.


"Quartet" is a quiet little slice of geriatric British life that is funny and heart-warming and sweet in very controlled portions. The cast if fabulous, of course. We enjoyed it.

"Stand Up Guys" is a geriatric gangster movie. It has a great deal of humor, and a fair amount of violence. It is a solid movie with a great cast, and it deserves to do a great deal better than it is doing. We enjoyed it a great deal.

"Warm Bodies" is a zombie love story. I don't LIKE zombie movies, and I was not only willing to see this one, I enjoyed it a LOT (as did Dementia). There is a great deal of quiet cleverness in the movie. Also, if you need an actress with the ability to charm the dead back to life, you can do MUCH worse than Theresa Palmer...

"Bullet to the Head" was yet ANOTHER geriatric cast movie. Sylvester Stallone plays about 15 years younger than his actual age fairly convincingly, and the movie works fairly well, but once again audiences are avoiding it. We enjoyed it anyway.

Four positive reviews out of four. Something must be wrong with me...

Uncle Hyena
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