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21, Phantom, Oz, Dead, Burt, 57

Too much work, not enough sleep, several movies, a fair amount of malaise, and a birthday.

Movies first:

"21 & Over" is a gonzo gross out comedy. Eventually it turns out to have a fair amount of heart, and it is occasionally genuinely funny. As a decompression movie, it was adequate.

"Phantom" is a submarine drama. The setting defines so many parameters of the story that it is hard to make one badly. This one is pretty typical, with a great cast and a solid script, but was not promoted to speak of, and it DIED at the box office and closed in a week. There is no justice.

"Oz the Great and Powerful" is a trickster movie produced by people that fundamentally does not understand tricksters. The script is weak, and James Franco (an actor who I normally like) is woefully miscast. Oz needs to be a master charlatan, the sort of character who can walk up to a mark and say, "I am about to rob you, and you will enjoy the process so much that you will tip me for it afterwards." Robert Preston had it, as do several working actors, but James Franco isn't one of them. There is also a bit of idiocy that turns the villain into a victim, which is totally contrary to the mythology.

"Dead Man Down" is a complex progressive revelation story with a solid cast and an over the top climax. It isn't a great movie, but it was definitely worth watching.

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" wanted to be a Will Farrell movie. It is centered on the sort of clueless, soulless ass that Farrell has made a career of playing. If Farrell had been in the lead, it would have been unwatchable. Fortunately (sort of), the film stars Steve Carell, who brings just enough humanity to the role to make the film watchable. We went in with REALLY low expectations, and it exceeded them slightly.

I had a birthday last week, number 57. It was a pleasant but not stellar day. I am feeling old, lately. I am tired of feeling tired. But, there is pie.

57th Birthday Pie photo Pie57_zps71a1860e.jpg

(That is Futhark for "We all lurve you," which is a sideways reverence to the TV show "Lost Girl".)

Uncle Hyena
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