Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Olympus, Admission, Host, Joe, Sewer, Still Sick

It still hurts to breathe, and what is loosely known as reality is kicking me around in other way. Meanwhile, there are movies.

"Admission" is an upper mediocre comedy made significantly better by the presence of Tina Fey. There are a few amazingly stupid moments that should have been cut, but for the most part it was watchable (Which, you may recall, is a pretty good review from me for a comedy with no bloodshed.).

"Olympus has Fallen" is about a terrorist plot to capture the White House and hold the president hostage. This is obvious from the trailer, so you have to reconcile yourself to that level of idiocy before the movie starts. Given that, then, it's still pretty idiotic, but quite watchable if this is the sort of thing you are in a mood for.

"The Host" is an after the alien invasion movie with a lot of really good ideas and mediocre execution in spite of strong performances by an excellent cast. There were a LOT of things that made me crazy in this movie, but the biggest one was the aliens in high heels. Really? Aliens who have no concept of visual sex appeal, and no cultural predilection toward torturing their feet, choose to do it anyway? I almost broke a tooth from gnashing over this one.

"G.I Joe: Retaliation" is a yet another action figure movie. That is to say, it is two hours of improbable (OK, utterly absurd), hyper violent fluff. Knowing that going in, it is a lot of fun.

In other news, I am well into day eleven of "hurts to breathe" and I am REALLY tired of it. Also, the van is back in the shop, and we had to have the sewer rodded on an emergency basis on Wednesday. Grrr.

In still other news, Friday would have been CLueless Tom's 58th birthday. He is missed.

Uncle Hyena
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