Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Croods, Breakers, Poker, STILL Sick

The respiratory crud seems to FINALLY moving on, after more than three weeks. My stamina is marginal, though...


"The Croods" is a silly animated movie with a vaguely pro-family message (allowing for the "kill your mother-in-law" sub-theme). The ad campaign made no effort to make it seem to be anything other than it is, so if you like the ads, you should like the film well enough.

"Spring Breakers" is violent and confused and unpleasant, in spite of an engaging cast. I got the impression that the director thought he had something to say. I am not at all sure he ever decided exactly what that was, and it certainly never got onto the screen.

Poker on 6th was my fourth anniversary in that tourney, and I finished out of the money in both rounds. I was second out in the second tourney, and was able to go home early, which was good, given my current level of stamina.

I WAS looking forward to an afternoon at the movies, and pizza for dinner, but I will be going in for an overtime shift tonight instead, and will spend the rest of the day sleeping. There will be a LOT of that in my future in the next few months, I think.

Uncle Hyena
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